The Future of Fairways Golf and The Fairways Golf Membership

From the desk of Jonathan Palmer, President, Fairways Golf

With the 2017 season all but in the rearview mirror, I figure now is as good a time as any to update you on all thing Fairways Golf. Since establishing the Fairways Golf Membership in 2009, it has been an absolute pleasure to grow this great membership and serve all of you daily. As we now look forward to 2018, I am as excited as ever to share with you where Fairways Golf is going.

First, allow me to backtrack a bit. When I first began offering the Fairways Golf Membership in 2009, I was unsure of how successful the membership might be. I found out rather quickly that the membership was exactly what golfers had been craving for some time. The response was overwhelming and downright humbling.

Not only did the membership enable golfers to get out and play more golf, but it allowed so many of them to be able to enjoy playing golf more than they ever have. The first Fairways Golf Membership ever offered sold out prior to the start of the season and has sold out annually ever since. In the almost 10 years I have been running the Fairways Golf Membership, we have grown to managing and operating 4 courses while adding a bevy of additional perks for all of our members.

Currently, we have begun distributing new 2018 & 2019 Fairways Member Cards and offering Cart Cards. We have improved the Member Cards significantly over previous memberships, adding in security features, making them more durable and easy to fit in your wallet or any other card carrier. Also, Cart Cards will be making their return and this time, better than ever. Now valid for use at all 4 courses, Cart Cards offer an even better value and flexibility than in years past.

While that is all very exciting, understand that we are doing so much more.

Currently, we are finalizing our Unlimited Range Pass at both Mallard Creek and Dragon Ranch for the 2018 season. These range passes are a great way to improve all-season long without breaking the bank. And, as always, Fairways Golf Members will receive a significant discount in terms of range pass pricing.

You may recall that this past season, we hosted a Fairways Golf Member Day at Columbia Hills Golf & Swim Club and it was a great success. We will once again be scheduling another Fairways Golf Member Day at Columbia Hills Golf & Swim and hope to do more than one. Along the same line, we have contacted local private clubs and begun discussions to do similar events at their facilities in 2018. 

Beyond the benefits I have mentioned, there are a number of other things in the pipeline. While I cannot guarantee that they will come to fruition in the near future, I am happy to have you in the know regarding all of them.

As you may have seen, we recently collaborated with Walt Disney World® Golf to offer discounts to any Fairways guest playing their collection of courses or looking to book a play-and-stay trip. It is my hope and belief that this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, we are currently working through some details with courses in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area as well as the Scottsdale, Arizona area. 

As Fairways Golf and myself continue to grow and expand our offerings, we will continually do so with you, the golfer in mind. Since day one it has been my objective to create the best value in golf. Looking back, I can say that we have done just that, and looking forward, I can promise that we will continue to do the same on an even better scale.

I hope you are as excited as I am in regards to the Fairways Golf Membership and the steps we are taking to continually improve.

I have worked in golf for more than 30 years and I can personally assure you that no one else in our area has ever or is doing anything like Fairways Golf is. Truth is, we care more than the other guys, and it’s because we appreciate your continued support and for allowing Fairways Golf to be a part of all of our local communities.

If you are not already a Fairways Golf Member, I invite you to take the time to join today. If you are a current Fairways Golf Member, I look forward to seeing you around our courses over the next two seasons.

Here’s to two more seasons of Unlimited Golf and much more!


Jonathan Palmer

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